Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Map of a Distorted Mind (Book Trailer)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Map of a Distorted Mind Book Review (Mind Fog Reviews)

TITLE: Map of a Distorted Mind

AUTHOR: Joseph R. McNulty

DATE: March 13, 2011

Bookmark ratings;
01 = poor
02 = average
03 = good
04 = great
05 = excellent

The book has a recognizable theme or plot: Yes

The setting is described with enough detail to provide a mental picture: I could see what the writer was feeling in his poetry.

The setting is essential to the storyline: Yes

It is clear who the protagonist and antagonist are: N/A

The dialogue is easy to read and flows well within the story: N/A

It is grammatically correct with accurate punctuation: Yes

The manuscript needs some editing: No

The story has a conflict or problem that needs to be resolved: No

There is a notable climax to the story: N/A

The point of view was consistent and easy to follow: Yes

What is the genre of the book? Poetry

REVIEW: In “Map of a Distorted Mind” by Joseph R. McNulty it tells us of a man expressing the grief of lost love. It talks about the day he fell in love with her and the day she died. I felt every emotion this man felt in every poem in this book. Mr. McNulty showed the world exactly how he felt. I applaud him in being so open honest.

Every poem had a flow and consistency to it. At parts, I thought it would make a great song because the way the words formed so well. I must admit my personal favorite is “The Great Sardine Ride” where he moves to be closer to the one he loves. I have done that, and know firsthand how the pull of love will make you do anything. Those of us that love poetry that comes straight from the heart will love this poetry tome.


Carol A. Langstroth, Manager

Mind Fog Reviews

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog Talk Radio Interview

Map of a Distorted Mind: Welcome Joseph McNulty

Radio Interview

So, I had the pleasure and honor of being a guest this past Saturday (01/22/2011) on an internet radio program 'The Afterthoughts News Hour with S. Denice Newton'. I was there to promote my debut poetry book Map of a Distorted Mind.
I have troubles sometimes when it comes to public speaking or the like. Prior to being a guest, I was listening to a few segments of her past shows and I was eased by the tender voice of the host, so I wasn't as worried. My only concern that questioned my mind was, "What is she going to ask me? What if I freeze in a voiceless manor?" I brushed all of those worries off. And I made the call when it was my slot. (I had a couple shots of whisky to calm my nerves)
And let me tell you, it was a breeze. The panic was completely removed and I spoke with confidence. First few minutes I was nervous but naturally, I shook it off. Prior to the show I had marked a few poems that I was going to recite incase I was given the "Mic". From out of the six or so, poems I marked to read, I then picked just one incase I was only able to read one...turned out that I was given the platform to read ALL of the marked poems. Certainly, not my entire book but I gave listeners a pretty good taste of what to expect out of reading my book and what kind of voice would be heard. A profound voice and most listeners that responded to me, said I sounded like a pro.
I don't think that the host knew what was to come out of my mouth until I read that first one...she became hooked, much like everybody else does. She knows the difference between "Junk" and "Good Poetry". MINE IS NOT JUNK. and she wants me to return sometime soon, which I will be more than happy to return anytime she wants me to.
I feel that this radio opportunity was a good kick start to my career and I will be curious to see what sort of sales generate from this radio show. I encourage everybody to listen to the show and get an idea of who Joseph R. McNulty is and the work that will stun the world. I will post a link to those who want to listen. I am forever grateful for Ms. Newton and the support she has given me.

( I am gathering up more poetry for a second collection to be published soon. )

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I thought Pedestrians still had the right of way

Sunday, December 12, 2010
   It was a little after 2:00pm and I was headed to work. Enjoying my walk, on a relatively nice day, I was at peace, in my thoughts and my life at that current moment. Its a good 20 minute walk (I enjoy walking, I don't drive, and I do not take my legs for granted) Between my apartment and the mall I walk through about 4 or 5 cross ways.
   While I was patiently waiting my time to cross this particular crosswalk, that is connected to a busy intersection, and almost always, I study my surroundings. I'm just a cautious guy with reason...
    "Walk Sign Is On" I begin to stroll through this crosswalk when all of a sudden I see to my left and oncoming car. Mind you, I was just about half way through it at this point. Most cars that are usually turning into traffic slow down for the pedestrians to walk out of the way before they keep driving. MOST CARS that is.
    While walking I was having a conversation with my fiance, over the phone, and I was also paying close attention to this particular oncoming car...figured it was going slow down like they do, but as I'm talking I notice that its getting closer and closer. I had to brace for impact and hope for the best. It wasn't going too terribly fast but enough where when it struck my body I went up on the hood.
    In mid conversation I shifted my body in a fighting stance to brace this car, playing close attention I was able to project my momentum up onto the car by leg lifts. The car hit my body and I lifted my legs back to prevent as much damage as possible, given the random situation at hand. I kissed the hood but managed to cling on to it WHILE still holding my phone and travel mug filled with hot, black coffee. Of course, some coffee splashed on my suit but did I care at that given moment, Not really. I was in shock.
    I got back on the phone and with a tone unheard of before, I told my fiance "I'll need to call you back" and hung up before she could say anything.
    The guy quickly pulled over and began freaking out. Panic was in his empty eyes...mine too, but not as severe. He didn't know what to think or what to do. I was shaky from the minor trauma and some flashbacks from my car wreck in 2004 lightly haunted my mind here and there for a short period. He repeatedly asked if I was alright and if there was anything he could do. Surprisingly enough, the only damage that was sustained on my body after the impact was a small bruising on my arm bone. No whiplash was ever sustained.
    After an awkward short conversation, the driver and I exchanged a friendly handshake and away we went our separate ways. I called Cortney back and she immediately asked if I had dropped my phone because she heard a strange noise, and I told her that I was hit by a car. After calming her down and filling her in on the details, the noise she heard was my body actually being hit by the moving car.
    And I even made to work on-time, with enough time to get a refill on my coffee and have a cigarette before I clocked on for the strange day ahead of me.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas...

If anybody is looking for any ideas for something under the tree or to be stuffed in a stocking, might I suggest my book. It's only 11 bucks, not to shabby and it will leave a lasting enjoyment...maybe the gift that keeps on giving.

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